HISTORY OF ANCIENT tradition of Trivelloni FAMILY

Felice a Testaccio restaurant, born in 1936 thanks to Felice Trivelloni. A simple host that would become a legend inside and outside the walls of Rome. For him, the famous Italian actor Roberto Benigni, wrote a poem.

Today, the popular restaurant Felice a Testaccio continues to be guided by the family Trivelloni, and is regarded in much of the world one of the best of the Capital. Changed much of its time with regard to the furniture, but not for the food, which has remained faithful to the tradition of tasty and original Roman cuisine.

Following the Roman tradition, every day of the week corresponds to a traditional dish, prepared with fresh products of first class. Da Felice a Testaccio, you can also find a excellent selection of wines, the result of careful selection, which provides about 200 customers selected labels of the finest wines on the Italian territory.